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You know that you are ready to go deeper, but you have questions. Maybe you want space to explore an ancestral family question? Or you want an intuitive and insightful process that answers questions about your calling? Start with a free Discovery call and explore further and deeper.

What questions are you holding that if answered would support your yearning for growth or new knowledge? My Ancestral Guidance sessions offer you an opportunity to connect with your inner knowing. Step onto the ancestral path with a guide familiar with the process of ‘learning to be what you came here to do! 

Ancestral Guidance Consultations

Many cultures have a divinatory system that they use as a tool for looking at life, present past and future. These are art forms, guided by insight and intuition. Ancestral guidance sessions are offered to support you on the ancestral path, as you answer ‘the ancestral Call’ to support and tend to your family line. The are Divinatory Consultations drawing on indigenous and African healing practices that connect us to our ancestral family line.

Initiated traditional healer, Makhosi Nyoni draws on West and South African cosmology and spiritual practices. She crafts a reading that resonates with our modern times as more people seek knowledge about their ‘roots’, where they come from and where they are going. Your ancestral guidance session combines different approaches including the use of stones and/or bones, card decks and exploratory perceptive interventions.

At the beginning of your 45 minute session, we will pause to connect you with your ancestors in a simple ritual of recognition and honouring. You will set a clear intention for the session and we will explore your issue and any questions arising. Please note that this work is emergent and each session is different focused on your personal healing.

Ancestral Guidance Sessions are available as a package of 3 sessions. You can use the sessions to explore transgenerational questions and entanglements. You can focus on a current family issue or your can explore your journey on the ancestral path. Sessions can also be used for professional practice or to explore wider social issues Find out more…

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“This was such a powerful and healing experience. I am so grateful to have received a constellation and honoured to have been a part of others. The presence of spirit and magic cannot be denied.

Gisella – Therapist


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