Your Ancestral Line

Looking back to go forward 

Lean in to my story!

I have travelled the path that many of you reading my story are curious to learn about. An initiated African traditional healer, diviner, ancestral guide and ancestral constellations practitioner. They all work together!

I straddle the visible and in-visible world in my healing work. When I close my eyes and sense into who I am and where I come from, I am immersed in the world of Diaspora Transgenerational Lives of Colour.

And yet I live between communities, African and European, Black and white, psychological and indigenous ways of knowing. Often I am on the cusp and at the edge of multiple identities in the world. As are you!

Join me

From this vantage point I can explore the world of generational linage from different perspectives. Because the spirit world is both within and around me, I am travelling the path and answering ‘the ancestral call.’

How you make sense of this is not important, what matters is how the energy of my words resonate with you. For this work is an invitation to join with me in meeting your ancestors and reconnecting your lineage!

I have long held the vision of bringing others to the transgenerational healing path. As you listen to the ancestral call, you will also be given the gifts and purpose that you came into the world to find and use.

Starting in November 2024, I will be facilitating Healing Retreats and Systemic Constellations Learning Immersions in Johannesburg South Africa. Find out more by booking a free Discovery Call CLICK HERE

Thokozani/Ashe – Sonya/Makhosi Nyoni



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A Profoundly Rich Experience!

“This was such a profoundly rich experience that I really appreciated Sonya modelled facilitating constellation work in a very accessible and permission giving way. I felt held emotionally and spiritually it was a very safe space and much needed to be amongst black and brown people. More spaces needed like this.”

Marilyn Figueira – Integrative Psychotherapist and Holistic Practitioner

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Transgenerational Healing Retreat     7th -18th November 2024 Johannesburg, South Africa

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