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the Ancestral Call 2024

Healing comes when the individual remembers his or her identity—the purpose chosen in the world of ancestral wisdom—and reconnects with that world of Spirit.”

Malidoma Some


I am Sonya Welch-Moring aka Makhosi Nyoni and in November 2024 I will host the first Ancestral Call healing retreat for BIPOC and Diaspora people of Colour, in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is a small group retreat for people who value a guided immersion into generational healing as ‘another way of knowing’. Approaches that can interrupt and soothe the family patterns that impact Black Diaspora families and communities of colour.

You will participate in ancestral constellations circles and learn from an initiated Sangoma healer and teacher that will support your lineage past, present and future. There is also a cultural element to the retreat with excursions that will enhance your learning about South African society.To participate fully in this retreat, you need to be prepared to commit to ancestral learning that has often been disregarded or denigrated in the West. There is an application process to answer any questions and make sure that this retreat is right for you.

Friday 8th November to Sunday 17th November 2024 £1750

This is a unique opportunity to delve deeper into transgenerational healing from an African Ancestral Perspective. There is an application process that starts with a complimentary conversation to answer your questions

An Immersion into Other Ways of Knowing

The Ancestral Call retreat is aimed at women who are on a journey of self-discovery and ancestral learning. The main purpose of the retreat is to explore at a deep level, the ancestral field of Diaspora rooted people. It offers an introduction to the traditional practice of South African healers in the Sangoma tradition, they are at the core of the Ancestral Constellations process. You will experience a African bone reading to exploring entanglements in your family system and participate in healing rituals to support your ancestral family line.


This retreat has been created to support personal learning about transgenerational healing from a Diaspora perspective. Participants will have attended several Ancestral Constellations workshops and know the theory and philosophy behind the approach. During the constellation process the facilitator guides the movements, healing sentences and rituals, like bowing to honour elders or ancestors. In a transgenerational ritual the healer is the facilitator leading the process and exploring difficulties from an ancestral perspective.

Retreat Overview


There will be a variety of learning circles on offer during the retreat. You will build on your ancestral constellations knowledge and skills. You will learn from a African traditional healer, Sangoma and  Mkhulu (teacher) with over 25 years of knowledge in her field. 

Ancestral Learning

The immersion into ancestral learning will deepen your understanding of South African cosmology and the role of ancestors. You will receive a traditional bone reading which will allow you to compare Western constellations work with African ancestral family beliefs.

Dining Options

This will be a hybrid model, with breakfast, lunches and light snacks provided. In the evening you are free to enjoy communal dining the schedule will vary. Some evenings meals are provided at the venue or you are free to explore the many restaurants nearby.

Reflection & Play

There is a strong personal healing and self care element during the retreat to support  personal learning and professional practice.  Johannesburg is a vibrant dynamic city and there there will be several cultural excursions scheduled during the retreat.


Participants will be staying in the main house and accommodation nearby. There is more information available during the application process. South Africa has a load-shedding programme and electricity may be out for certain periods of the day.

Application & Price

There is an an application process which will give us clarity about your requirements. The price of the retreat is £1750 including 9 nights accommodation, meals as specified and excursions. Flights are not included, a £500 deposit secures your place

Friday 8th November to Sunday 17th November 2024 £1750

This is a unique opportunity to delve deeper into transgenerational healing from an African Ancestral Perspective. There is an application process that starts with a complimentary conversation to answer your questions

The Retreat Space an Oasis of Calm

The retreat venue is a beautiful house in the heart of Johannesburg, close to shops and restaurants. It is in a quiet area, close to Rosebank Mall in a culturally diverse area. Owned by an African-American woman who lives between Atlanta and Johannesburg, she has created a space that is welcoming and inviting. From the African-inspired decor to the the lush grounds and swimming pool, this is an oasis of calm in a bustling city centre. We aim for a community vibe with spaces for privacy, reflection, rest and play.

The retreat will invite you to step into South African living. Currently there is daily load shedding in may parts of the country including Johannesburg. This means that the electricity could be out for several hours at a time, although there will be generators to charge phones, computers and other equipment during the day. Please consider carefully before you apply, whether these factors would minimise your enjoyment of the retreat. There will be several  accommodation options in the main house and at a nearby venue .

Comfortable Communal Spaces

A Garden to Relax & Unwind

Shared 2 bedroom apartments

The Retreat Package

What is Included:

Return transfer to and from airport

9 nights accommodation

Daily transport to venue

Opening ceremony and meal

Welcome healing and cleansing package

Breakfast, lunch, snacks

Constellation circles

Ancestral learning gatherings

Cultural excursions as indicated in the schedule

Downtime for relaxation and reflection

Post retreat meeting to integrate learning

What is Not Included:

Flights and visas if required

Travel insurance (Required)

Some evening meals as per the schedule

Accommodation pre and post retreat

Any activities not indicated in the schedule

Bone reading 

Prescribed healing rituals

Bones in the Constellation

The Ancestral Constellations process draws on the ancestral traditions of Sangoma bone readings. They aren’t the same, but they are similar paths and we can honour the source and lineage of one in support of the other.

Dr Morongwa Makena will be sharing her ancestral wisdom and offering throwing-the-bone readings during the  retreat.

Friday 8th November to Sunday 17th November 2024 £1750

This is a unique opportunity to delve deeper into transgenerational healing from an African Ancestral Perspective. There is an application process that starts with a complimentary conversation to answer your questions

Ancestral Knowledge & Indigenous Wisdom




  • Bringing your body, minds and spirits to the earthly wisdom that is the soil of Africa. Feel the movements that emerge and and REConnect with ‘other ways of knowing’ self and others


  • Accessing traditional indigenous wisdom that is deep within the systemic constellations method. Explore Ancestral Constellation and step into the transgenerational energy that is in your ancestral line.
  • Connecting us to the history of South Africa and the liberation struggle as an act of libation. Claim the deep roots of Diaspora cultural heritage that can be found on African soil
  • Deepening learning about the place of healing ritual in transgenerational therapeutic practice.Dance together in a journey towards a new framing of this work in a Diaspora context

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I’ve Been Called….

“I’ve been called towards bringing in the spiritual more and more into my therapeutic practice and I’ve been finding my way with this. Coming to the training (if I can call it that) let me know that I had arrived. I’m where I need to be and the support for my people exists.”

Remi Arnold – Psychotherapist – March 2024

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I have had ample exposure to and involvement with the process to know that Family Constellations is one of the many faces of ritual. We define ritual as the involvement with spirit in sacred space for our healing.”

Malidoma Some – Dagara Elder & Diviner

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Transgenerational Healing Retreat     7th -18th November 2024 Johannesburg, South Africa

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