Ancestral Gathering with Makhosi Nyoni


Ancestral Constellations &  Atabey School of Cultural Healing – TRANSGENERATIONAL HEALING CIRCLE  May 2024


25-26 May 2024


Saturday 10.00 am-4.00pm

Sunday 10.00am-3.00pm

PRICE: $250

VENUE: tba

The Gathering

Many people come to an Ancestral Constellations gathering because they are experiencing difficulties in family relationships. They feel weighed down by a burden that does not feel like their own. Often they know that it is an issue from the past that is are unspoken and unacknowledged in the family. They want new insight, a different perspective and a clearer way forward.

An transgenerational gathering is a place to join in community, seek a new perspective and share family ‘stories’. You will notice that the issues happening in your family, are similar to those that others are experiencing. For example in one constellation the issue at hand is someone’s auntie who hasn’t spoken to their sister for the last 20 years.

As you watch the ritual of a constellation form, you may get an aha moment, “This is like my Aunt Sally who hasn’t talked to Uncle Kenneth for over 10 years!”  When you depart the session you may not have an answer or solution to Aunt Sally and Uncle Kenneth, but boy, you sure are clearer about what the issue is about and where it came from, the past!

All the difficulties, the pain and the traumas get surfaced, so that you can see them clearly. And with that comes the joy of release which can be illuminating, as one person recalled, ‘It was like suddenly seeing very clearly something that I had been in the dark about, I knew it was there, but I couldn’t ever seem to see it”

What to expect?

When a client comes for healing, therapy, or any other consultation, you do not just explore symptoms, but also look for the underlying causes. Ancestral Constellations is similar, exploring current family relationships and then looking wider at the energy vibrations and transgenerational patterns flowing down the ancestral family line.

In a gathering a constellation can be viewed as a healing ritual that creates a map of your ancestral lineage sacred community space. The purpose is to look at your family system and bring more order harmony and balance.  Re-include the missing, help people to stand in the rightful place and honour the that have gone before you.

Each day of the gathering, 4-5 people will ‘map their ‘ancestral line’ or explore a personal issue with support from other participants. As  ‘Representatives’ for family members, they honour both the family and the individual. The healing  ritual nature of the work is seen as the constellation serves both the issue older and wider community.

Everyone, the observer, the representative, the person working on behalf of their family system benefits.  issues to  their family system This is an embodied process with movement and power. By bringing  people together to explore their collective ancestry, it reveals both the voices of ancestors and the healing indigenous wisdom.  

     Restore the love! 

Healing brings the flow of love back into alignment in the family system. We will explore this process by….…

  • Identifying repeating patterns that re-cycle within the family down the decades and generations
  • Look at unresolved relationships dynamics that are outside of conscious awareness

  • Examine how you can disentangle family conflicts and bring more healing energy

  • Explore the legacies of community trauma and their influence on the current family

  • Learn about the role of ancestors in the family tree and how they can be supportive

  • Acknowledge the role of ‘spirit’ in transgenerational  family life and the way it can bring support


Makhosi Nyoni is an initiated Sangoma healer in the South African tradition. She drew inspiration from the Zulu ancestral cosmology buried deep in the family constellations method when she began studying the process 12 years ago.

She Is one of the few family constellation facilitators from a African/Caribbean heritage background, and is on a quest to bring this African healing method to others who can use its indigenous wisdom to support their ancestral family line.

In 2019 Makhosi Nyoni came to Maryland, where she facilitated some powerful workshops and consultations. The pandemic stopped her from returning, but also identified the need for generational cleansing in many BIPOC communities.  Respond to the call of your ancestors and gather with ‘we!’


    Get in Touch

    If you have any questions or want to know more about the NOLA gathering contact me. I also offer personal transgenerational consultations one-to-one or for small family groups on Zoom.

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